What if we could see wireless internet waves?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

wifi colors 2Wireless internet has been the best thing to happen to technology since… well, wireless internet. Also known as wifi, this signal uses a unique combination of electricity and magnetism to connect devices like computers, laptops, and cellphones! If you’ve ever been in a tunnel or walked too far from your wifi box, you’ll know that being out of range means no wifi connection. If only we could see these waves and spot the strongest hotspots to use…

Although it’s impossible, Nickolay Lamm and astrophysicist M. Browning Voge teamed up to create images that represent what the signals would look like if they were actually visible. In his article, Lamm writes, “We use red, orange, yellow, and other colors to show the invisible wifi channels that make up the overall… signal.”  Imagine trying to get through your day seeing so many beautiful rainbow colors.

 Images courtesy of Nickolay Lamm and M. Browning Vogel.