Past and future meet in Star Wars Rebels series

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

SW Rebels
The visual style of the series has been described as a moving painting of classic Star Wars art. Fans of Ralph McQuarrie’s work will be pleased!

The executive producer for Disney/Lucasfilm’s upcoming Star Wars Rebels series, Simon Kinberg, recently offered a sneak peak at what we can expect in the highly-anticipated show.

The series takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, providing us with a crucial link from the most recent trilogy to the classic ones, as the Rebel Alliance organizes to take on the full might of the Empire.

Since Disney is also handling the live-action Episode VII, the Star Wars Rebels animated series may use classic voice actors like James Earl Jones (the original voice of Darth Vader) and Ian McDiarmid, who plays Emperor Palpatine. Kinberg teased around the truth, neither confirming nor denying whether the well-known actors would voice their animated counterparts. He said, “I can say that wherever possible we would want to use the original talent.”

Another key reveal was that the series may go beyond classic lore, borrowing from Expanded Universe content featured in Star Wars novels, comics, and video games. You know, like Admiral Thrawn, who played a key role in the post-Empire novels. Kinberg kept it mysterious, explaining that the show’s creators borrowed a lot of ideas from writers like Pablo Hidalgo, who would “say there’s a cool cantina in this comic book from 1994, or a cool creature that not all of us know. He will bring that stuff to us. Or we’ll task him we’re trying to create a muscle for this villain with a cool backstory. Sometimes it will be a character or a planet we don’t know about.”

Images courtesy of Ralph McQuarrie and Lucasfilm.