What young adult novel is getting a movie adaptation now?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry has written more than 20 books for children of all ages!

Director Phillip Noyce is bringing author Lois Lowry’s young adult novel, The Giver, to the big screen. So, how exactly do you create movie buzz before a flick’s even started production? Well, you cast Oscar winner Meryl Streep as a main character, and Hollywood’s vampire hunk Alexander Skarsgard! Not to mention, finally giving the film a release date after years of being stuck in production limbo. Since 1994, various Hollywood filmmakers have tried their hand at taking over the script, but all have failed to fully launch it into action.

Okay, imagine living in a world without any coloring shades but black, white, and gray? It sounds shocking, but The Giver showcases life after all emotion, history, and brightness has been purged from the world! Wow, a world without any color combinations? I don’t know what would be worse, the dull atmosphere or missing out on the beautiful sunsets. Anyways, in the novel, the main character Jonas is assigned as the town’s “Receiver of Memory,” a highly ranked job in the run down society. After tapping into the heads of previous scholars, he begins to understand the meaning of color and emotion. The position, however, also educates Jonas with the world’s terrifying and deadly past.

After reading The Giver with my 11th grade class, can I be the first to say how pumped I am? Seriously, I can’t wait for its August 15 release date. I’ll be first in line with my popcorn!

Featured image courtesy of The Giver Facebook. Image of Lois Lowry courtesy of Lois Lowry. Video courtesy of AdLit.