What’s hot this fall on TV?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Toy Story
A new “Toy Story” adventure around Christmas time? Yes!

Fall’s television lineup is looking as colorful as the autumn leaves filling the trees, so grab a remote and tune in to the best of the best on Fox, CBS, ABC, Disney, and the CW!

Marvel fans are already suiting up for ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, when it returns for a second season on September 23. Agent Coulson and his team of renegade spies will be saving the world again, only this time they’re being hunted by law enforcement for their vigilante heroics! After 10 episodes, the show will go on an extended break to allow the spinoff series, Agent Carter, a chance to shine.

If you’re more into DC Comics, then you’ll definitely want to check out Gotham on Fox, which airs on September 22. The show will explore the early years of classic Batman villains, as they rise to power in the gritty city. Then, on the CW, the third season of Arrow will be aiming for the usual hooded justice… as Oliver Queen saves Starling City yet again with his sidekicks, quick wits, gadgets, and martial arts. And, on October 7, The Flash is going to be speeding into your TV set! The character was introduced last season on Arrow as Barry Allen, a clumsy but brilliant investigator who gets struck by a bolt of experimental lightning… gaining superhuman speed abilities.

Are comics not your thing? Well, on September 22, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow will return for its second season, as Ichabod Crane battles the dastardly four horsemen with Lt. Abbie Mills. In other fantasy news, Once Upon a Time returns on September 28, and it’s getting a Frozen makeover. Disney’s famous ice sorceress joins the series for its fourth season, and she’s bringing friends! Then, Disney and Lucasfilm are wielding the Force with Star Wars Rebels on October 3, exploring the early roots of the Rebel Alliance that will one day challenge the Empire. That’s not all that Disney has up its sleeve, because Pixar’s bringing Toy Story back with a Christmas special called Toy Story That Time Forgot.

Featured image courtesy of Sleepy Hollow Facebook. Image of Toy Story special courtesy of Disney and Pixar.