Why hunger and anger go hand in hand

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

anger hunger kid
We’ve known for a while that hunger can put us in crabby moods, and scientists finally figured out why.

It’s no secret that when our stomachs are empty, we can turn into people with short fuses and no patience… but why is that? According to a new study, it has to do with the levels of sugar in our blood.

Just about everything we consume contains sugar, whether in its basic form or in a complex form known as a carbohydrate. As food passes through the digestive system, it is broken down into many types of simple sugars, but the cells prefer to use one called “glucose” for energy. When all the glucose is absorbed from the food, it is put into our bloodstream and travels throughout the body to be used for energy as needed. Low glucose levels are usually associated with fatigue, headaches, weakness and – according to the data from the study – it’s also related to foul moods!

The researchers distributed about 200 voodoo dolls to 100 couples and asked them to jab the plaything based on how they felt about their partner. The experimenters also kept track of each individual’s blood sugar levels. As it turns out, people with low blood sugar were more likely to stick it to the doll than those with relatively higher levels of glucose! And guess what’s related to low levels of the sweet molecule in our bodies? Yup, skippin’ meals, alright.

Who would have thought the sweetness of our personalities was actually related to sugar? Go figure.

Featured image courtesy of heilr on Flickr. Image of frustrated boy courtesy of Niklas Hellerstedt on Flickr.