Why PS4 is winning in pre-orders and “won” E3 according to 80% of gamers

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

PS4 system
Sony comes out swinging with a gamer-focused system.

According to data from internet gaming news giant, IGN, PS4 won the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – the biggest gaming convention every year – at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Over 280,000 gamers voted on their poll, which asked, “Who Is Winning E3?” and offered Sony (with its PS3 and PS4 news), Microsoft (with its Xbox 360 and Xbox One news), and Nintendo (with its Wii and Wii U news) as choices.

What was the final tally? 80.8% voted for Sony, 12.27% voted for Microsoft, and 7% voted for Nintendo. That’s a HUGE margin. With almost 300,000 gamers weighing in, it’s very meaningful as well.

So, why is the PS4 flying so high in public perception right now?

As any console gamer can tell you, the biggest rivalry in the video game industry is between Microsoft and Sony. It’s like USC versus UCLA, with passionate fans on both sides, and even some who own both systems. This whole competition began with the PS2 versus Xbox in 2001, and then became the PS3 versus Xbox 360 in 2006. Most recently, in the “console wars” for next-gen systems releasing in Winter of 2013, PS4 seems to be defeating the Xbox One. Why? Well, besides some communication missteps about unfriendly Digital Rights Management (DRM) online requirements by Microsoft, PS4 has been right on point, focusing on a gamer-centric console system since its reveal in February.

At E3, Sony seemed to take all the things gamers don’t like from Xbox One’s DRM and made a real point of communicating that PS4 will be doing the opposite. Want to play a game offline? No problem. Want to easily trade in or buy a used game? Sure! Want to let a friend borrow a game? It’s as easy as handing the disc to a buddy, as illustrated by this hilarious video indirectly making fun of Xbox One’s complicated online requirements:

Then, in what many considered the biggest hit against Microsoft, Sony revealed that its PS4 would cost $399, rather than the $499 that Microsoft is charging for Xbox One. See, Sony learned its lessons from when it first released PS3 in 2006 at $499, whereas the Xbox 360 had launched in 2005 for $299. Back then, it was Sony displaying overconfidence and not responding to customers, which allowed the Xbox 360 to enjoy a lead for several years. This time, the tables are turned.

What’s even crazier? PS4 has stronger gaming technology inside of it than the Xbox One, which means better graphics and performance potential. For $100 less…

Initial pre-order sales look strong for PS4, with reports of three PS4 units being sold for every two Xbox One consoles during the period from June 10 through June 12. The PS4 sprinting ahead even led to Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer saying, “…I would say, this isn’t a sprint.” Microsoft hopes to recover from its early missteps, and if they want to topple the PS4, they have some work ahead of them. Microsoft is gambling in winning the long-term marathon, with its focus on the Xbox One as a more mainstream entertainment center and disc-less games being downloaded digitally.

Even developers of games are leaning towards PS4, with their ability to self-publish, which is a whole other can of worms.

While it’s too early to say who’s won next-gen, PS4 certainly seems to be pulling ahead in the early race.

Images courtesy of Sony.