William and Kate bust out DJ skills in Australia

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

royals skating by
Maybe Prince George can’t ride a skateboard now, but he’ll appreciate it while going through his rebellious teen phase!

Lorde may have said “we’ll never be royals,” but the United Kingdom’s Prince William and Duchess Kate are more like us than we know! Oh yeah, they definitely like to have a little fun. After spending time in a resort near Uluru, Australia, the Duke and Duchess arrived in Adelaide, Australia, where they visited a music studio and tried some DJ spinning. No, we’re not kidding!

The royal family visited the Northern Sound System, an alternative learning center focused on music in the suburb of Elizabeth, which is (yep, you guessed it) named after Prince William’s grandmother, the queen. “She was fantastic,” said Shane Petersen, a workshop facilitator in the hip-hop class the couple visited. “But [William] can fly a helicopter, so it’s horses for courses.” Kate also showed off her dancing, following along with the other students who were in class!

The couple then unveiled a plaque in Adelaide, renaming the city’s center square as Prince George Plaza after their son. They even received a custom-made skateboard that featured George on the bottom, surrounded by Australian flags and Kangaroos. Prince William declined the crowd’s urging to give the skateboard a try, but he did take up the offer to help spray paint a mural that was created by a group called the Aerosol Angels.

Images courtesy of The British Monarchy Facebook.