Wireless electricity has arrived

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

wireless power
A Source Resonator will transmit a magnetic field that can be converted into electricity by a device nearby.

Nikola Tesla – who’s often credited as being the father of electricity – had a dream to transmit electricity without the use of thick cable wires. He attempted to make his vision come true with the famous Tesla coil, but the large, loud, and energy-sapping device was a huge failure. Now, however, a company known as WiTricity has created a way to transmit electricity wirelessly, and it’s a huge success.

How does the tech work? Well, a coil of electrical wire known as the “Source Resonator” transmits a magnetic field into the air when it’s plugged into a power source. The field is similar to the ones that wifi internet transmitters use. When a second wire coil is brought within the magnetic field, electricity is generated inside of the device with no cord in sight. It’s as simple as that!

Since electricity is not directly zapping through the air, there’s no need to worry about being electrocuted. According to the company, their technology can be used to energize gadgets like cellphones, mp3 players, and smartphones, all without an electrical cord. In the future, it could power homes, charge electric vehicles, and possibly play a huge role in recharging medical devices that are implanted into the body!

Don’t throw out your power cords just yet, though. The magnetic signals cannot be transmitted through metallic objects. Also, the extent of the magnetic field depends on the size of the coil, so you’ll still have to stay relatively close to an outlet to juice your mobile devices.

Images courtesy of WiTricity on YouTube.