Women live longer than men!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Sorry boys, but according to the World Health Organization (WHO), girls rule! Okay, they didn’t exactly say that, however, their new report did find that women all around the globe are living longer! In 2012, women made up 53% of the 50 years or older crowd, and almost 60% in populations over 70 years old! What do we gals have to thank for our flourishing lives, besides the fact that we’re awesome? Well, fewer women are dying from conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke! Dr. John Beard, director of WHO’s department of aging and life course, said: “That reflects two things: better prevention, particularly clinical prevention around control of hypertension and screening of cervical cancer, but it also reflects better treatment.” Women in Japan have the longest life expectancy – 88 years – but females in other countries aren’t trailing too far behind. Women are expected to live until 84 years old in Germany, 80 in Mexico, and 73 in Africa! Yah, girl power!

Featured image courtesy of David Blumenkrantz on Flickr.