WonderCon 2014 highlights

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

WonderCon cosplay
This is the only place where you’ll see the Joker and Batman co-existing peacefully.

This past weekend, self-proclaimed geeks flocked to Anaheim, CA for the massive comic book, science fiction, and motion picture convention called WonderCon. This year, fans were gifted with an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming blockbuster Godzilla and the animated movie Son of Batman.

Along with movie premieres and television screenings, WonderCon is widely known for its cosplaying culture. Cosplay, short for “costume play”, is a hobby many people engage in that involves wearing costumes and accessories to represent a specific character in a TV or movie series.

Enough geeky fashion, let’s talk about the highly anticipated Godzilla! The enormous lizard who is well known for terrorizing Tokyo, is actually traveling overseas in this reboot and bringing down New York City. For the past few months, Warner Bros. has teased bits and glances at the legendary monster. However, the reptilian terrorizer finally showed his entire face at WonderCon to the delight of many screaming fans. Godzilla will be out in theatres May 16, so get ready for the mega monster to smash!

Next up is the caped crusader, Batman, who is celebrating 75 years since debuting in May of 1939! In his latest adventure, he finally meets his match: himself. As part of the year long celebration, DC entertainment created a new short film based on the animated series Batman Beyond, called Son of Batman. Like in the series, the short takes place in the future with a semi-retired Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy, who has portrayed Batman for 22 years). His young pal Terry (voiced by Will Friedle) has now taken up the title of Batman. As the short starts, Bruce is attacked by a younger version of himself. However, we eventually find out that it’s a robot! Phew. WonderCon only showed a small segment of the animated movie, but you can see the entire film when it debuts sometime in May.

Featured image courtesy of WonderCon Facebook. Image of cosplay courtesy of William Tung on Flickr.