The high-tech smart trench coat

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

wifi trench
That’s one smart looking trench coat.

Sometimes, the latest fashion trends can look a bit strange and extremely edgy, but the company Motiif is putting a high-tech twist on a classic piece. Their waterproof trench coat “M” will look similar to a traditional jacket, but it’ll come equipped with a 4G network hotspot service and cell phone charger!

M offers 1GB of free data for the first three months, but after that point, users will have to pay $14 for each 1GB used. The jacket will connect to Sprint’s 4G network and be available in approximately 80 cities across the US.  Additionally, the jacket will feature a cell phone charger that’ll support Apple iPhones, as well as Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones.

So, does the coat itself have to be charged? Yes! While it can charge a phone 3 times before running out of juice, once it’s empty, all a person has to do is hang it up on a special wireless charging pad.

According to Motiif founder Rafael Balbi, the jacket is still in development, but should be available by February 2014. “This isn’t just a coat with charging and wifi, it’s about the future of clothing… and how clothing will communicate with each other and the end user,” he explains. “We are building it, because it’s an entry point for a system of wearable technology we are developing that lets the user learn more about themselves and what’s going on in the environment around them.”

As of now, the company is searching for people to test their product, which might cost anywhere between $100-$300.

Images courtesy of Motiif.