Yellowstone bison freak out over supervolcano?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

supervolcano Yellowstone
Yellowstone is home to the world’s largest supervolcano.

It’s no secret that many animals have senses that humans don’t, like a dog’s super smelling ability and a bat’s use of sound waves to see. Sometimes, however, the wild beasts are given more credit than they deserve, like a bison’s supposed power to predict volcanic eruptions!

How did this misconception even come about? Well, a recent video showed wild bison running rather quickly at Yellowstone National Park, which is home to the largest supervolcano. Nervous viewers watching the frollicking bison didn’t understand that the animals were just enjoying a beautiful day in the spring. Instead, they thought they were witnessing bison running for their lives, as if the beasts could sense the volcano was going to explode!

So, why is there so much fear over Yellowstone’s ticking time bomb? Well, current research shows that the massive pockets of molten rock beneath the ground there don’t need any sort of trigger to explode. In other words, they can basically go off whenever they feel like it. Then, when you add in the fact that a series of jolting earthquakes shook the park recently, it’s understandable why folks got scared.

The bottom line, though, is that animals have no way of knowing when a volcano is going to explode. So, when your dog starts frantically racing around the yard, don’t duck for cover!

Featured image courtesy of Daniel Mayer on Wikipedia.