Z-Machines robot band has 78-fingered guitarist

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

robot drummer
Imagine what a drum solo would sound like from this guy.

Rockers around the world rejoice, because an all-robot band called the “Z-Machines” are coming out of Japan to change the future of music.

Their inventors created them specifically to have musical abilities that advanced artists could only dream of, which would explain why the members include  a 78-fingered guitarist ,22-armed drummer, and a robot that plays the keyboard with laser beams. A musician known as Squarepusher who worked with the group says they can do things with music that never used to be possible.

However, Squarepusher admits that working with the musical machines was as challenging as it was fun.

On the one hand, all those extra body parts opened a new dimension of music that was never possible before. On the other hand, each metal member had it’s own set of limitations. For example, the 78-fingered guitarist could easily shred like a multi-fingered rockstar, but there was no way to change the volume he played at.

Though Squarepusher originally just wanted to casually experiment with the Z-Machines, he ended up creating a 5 track album! It’ll release on April 8, and if it sounds anything like the song in the video below, it’s going to be great in my opinion.

Images courtesy of ZIMA Zmachines on YouTube.