The best PSP video games of all time

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Metacritic PSP Game of the Year 2008] Send the power of the gods and start a ruthless quest, the former Spartan warrior Kratos must destroy the war god Ares. Armed with two-tiered dead leaves, Kratos has to fight the darkest creatures of mythology, including Medusa, Cyclops, Hydra, and others, to solve complex puzzles in fascinating conditions. With pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a completely original introduction to the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series, which elevates interactivity to the next level in the widely known open world. Players take to the streets to unravel the innumerable depths that have become the mark of election to uncover the truth about the historical crime and corruption in the Triad’s criminal gang.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable
Dangerous creatures hide in the dark and melt into people who get lost in secret moments. As a member of the Secret School Club, you must use your inner strength – the Person, and protect humanity from certain death. Will you live to see the light of day? The three-character RPG, which gathers critics and fans, reaches new heights. Players will find a number of important changes based on the improved version of the game, including the addition of skill cards, day jobs, and a total of five difficulty adjustments (from the new player to the ultra-insane). ), and, most importantly, to control your peers in war. Get a new perspective – the hero’s choice of gender at the beginning of the game has a huge impact on the complex social dynamics of the game. Veteran Persona 3 will get the story from a new woman’s perspective, new social connections, special events and unique romantic opportunities. Equal game, enhanced by the system, penetrates all aspects of the game.

Break the blocks yourself, solve puzzles and play wirelessly with your friends. Fold them right in, you have a curly look and a battery. Do you want to be fluorescent? Let the music guide you. Go through 24 dynamic levels, each with its own theme and sound effects. 4 game modes, including one and multiplayer, guarantee different and longer play. Time attacks, duels and puzzles await you! Unlock new skins and avatars while playing. Explain your progress in multiplayer mode; push the enemy off the screen. Challenge yourself or resist the enemy in a wireless multiplayer game. Hear how the Sultan grows according to your skill. Collect them to unlock the best pages and achieve high scores. Combination and link for best results.

METAL GEAR SOLID: The Peace Walker leads the series in a wonderfully new direction that sheds new light on well-known rivals and allies, as well as a large number of new characters. In the true METAL GEAR SOLID tradition, METAL GEAR SOLID: The Walker of Peace throws the player into a series of hostile situations where a tragic plan for world domination is revealed. In addition to one player operation, players can combine CO-OPS (CO-operative OPerationS) in game mode. This includes the main achievements of the game, in which the players provide medical assistance to their co-workers, exchange war supplies, or cover each other up, covering each other’s blind spots using the form of a snake.

The latest and greatest of the WipEout series, Pure, captures the essence of gravity racing and avant-garde adrenaline. Together with high-tech instruments, high-octave speed and high dance music, you can enjoy the explosive taste of the future. New environment and racing groups, as well as various key performers, offer specially designed pump-music for playing. Once loaded, you will have additional circles, new crafts, special skins, and additional music. Enter the full screen in 8 player tournaments over Wi-Fi.

[2007 Metacritic PSP Game] Final Fantasy Tactics: A Man-Made Update on the 1997 Game of Thrones, a classic turn-based strategy game born by Ivalis. Designed exclusively for the PSP system, FINAL FANTASY Tactics: The Lion War has PSP-exclusive content, not in the original classics, including new PC game series, new issues, and a 16: 9 aspect ratio on-screen presentation, new headline multiplayer and new story elements that clear the genesis of IVALICE ALLIANCE.

Grand Theft Auto: Freedom City Stories is a brand new game in the Grand Theft Auto series that brings a mobile dimension to this epic experience. An original storyline and all-new missions take place in Liberty, where an interactive, open environment, sonic talents, and varied music pioneered the series.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is coming to PSP. New characters will join Lily and Dragunov in classic castings such as Jinjin, Heihachi, Paul and Law to become the crown king of the Iron Tournament. A new introductory film lets you immerse yourself in the world of TEKKEN, this time an ad-based multiplayer mode to fight with friends, and much more to customize your favorite characters. The beauty of TEKKEN is recreated on a handheld console, delivering the most realistic graphics on a handheld platform. Various destructive items break the action into 19 stages. Play as one of over 30 characters including Jinjin, Heihachi, Paul, Law and more. New characters Lilia and Dragunov are joining the classic casting with a new style of fighting and movement. By collecting characters and forcing them to become king, you will get a movie ending for each character. Use your wrestling money to customize your characters – double what is shown in FREE. With the Wi-Fi connection of the PSP platform, you can fight with friends – get your own original character and start a war. … Mini games give you some heartbreaking combat to have fun with your friends.

Ridge Racer
… Beat the clock in timed attack mode or test your racing skills with up to 8 players wirelessly with Wi-Fi support. Developed and refined machine design, the Ridge Racer trademark is complemented by a drift finish. Go in style to unlock hidden bonuses in the world tour mode. Includes 24 exciting courses, most of which are in Ridge Racer games, including old favorites Seaside 765, Crimsonrock Pass and Greenpick Highlands.

The story of Joan of Arc begins in the past, when there is a great war against demonic forces that want to break into the human world. During this time, five brave heroes put their hands to stop the demon gods. To reclaim a powerful army, a young cross named Jeanne is ordered to seal the demon king and restore his homeland forever, using magical weapons with mysterious voices. Situated between cropped fields, war-torn villages and challenging dungeons, Jeanne d’Arc opens up over 40 spacious and highly detailed locations where players will participate in the rebuilding of France. Players control 14 characters as they travel, including humans and animals, battling various enemies to reclaim their dominance over the English. Joan of Arc presents a strategic turn-based combat system in which players take part in unique team attacks and defense schemes, using the skills of multiple characters to deliver devastating blows. In addition to the depth of the game, each character has access to one of eight types of weapons that can be improved as you progress through the game. Additionally, players can customize their characters using over 150 different skills and abilities throughout the game.

Clans of war fight for domination of the Valerian Isles in this tactical RPG game.

Gab Logan, take on the role of a highly trained precision strike operative, black agent was not legal for the United States Agency. Gabe sees himself working with a beautiful former woman who is keeping a dangerous secret while fighting the Red Section, a military group with Project Dark Mirror, which is the next generation of weapons of mass destruction. Using Precision Strike Tactics, advanced technology and advanced weapons, Logan and his team carry out surgical offensive operations that are highly sensitive to military retaliation and highly dangerous to civilian intelligence forces. In the role of Gabe, players will have to formulate a quick strategy as it is responsible for infiltration, reconstruction and decisive execution. Once logged in, Logan – his or her own authority – must make life and death decisions and decide what action to take immediately.
on-screen presentation, new headline multiplayer and new story elements that clear the genesis of IVALICE ALLIANCE.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Kozhima the legendary Metal Gear Solid Series, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is an innovative online game that moves into the genre of stealth on PSP, following the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Ekateri and allows players to collect their peers. formation of a unique force. Provides the missing items in the Metal Gear story puzzles, the player’s favorite characters and later how the Metal Gear gameplay develops and allows players to take advantage of all aspects of PSP system infrastructure. activity.

Penguin squirrels hold a double knife that looks like a grenade. The rotten young prince of darkness is determined to rule the underworld with a whip or a whip. When the main story is over, an open structure opens up that encourages players to continue playing and developing their characters.

In 2212, the distant star Willio exploded on the red giant and sent an electromagnetic pulse to our distant spaceships, colonial crusaders and special forces, destroying their main force. Now the star is starting to fall into the black hole and punish our fleets! To make matters worse, our war neighbors were rewarded for our misfortunes and wore rags to sacrifice our people. Quarp Jet is just one industry capable of rescue missions and spacecraft with remote capabilities. Take control of the world’s first dose-grabbing disciplines in this innovative shooter, solve movement-based puzzles to defeat enemies and rescue helpless survivors from hidden places in deep space. You need to hurry; the black hole does not shrink …

Visit LittleBigPlanet and discover the world of endless possibilities where everything is great. You can improve what you see. Even if you do not see anything, you can invent it. All you need is a desire for curiosity, creativity and fun: LittleBigPlanet takes care of the rest! Set out with Sakboy to explore an amazing environment where each object has time to explore and communicate. Defeat all kinds of bamboo shoots and then share them with the world to gain the skills you need to create your own unique creation. LittleBigPlanet brings you the revolutionary PlayStation 3 click on PSP in amazing style. With LittleBigPlanet for psp rom, the power of the game is within reach, with the same iconic look and revolutionary game design.

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe
The overwhelming world of PixelJunk monsters is on the move with the arrival of PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe combines the title of the popular original PlayStation 3 strategy game with the Encore Expansion Pack and boasts all of its PS3 collaborative games with new content and extras. Build strongholds that automatically ignite your enemies and protect the forest species from animal attacks. Make sure your position and direction are right, otherwise your helpless children will eat fast due to abuse. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is a new 11-level island with unique animals and bosses, invitation mode, medal room (with movie player, gallery and sound player) and more.

Burnout Legends
Burnout Legends launches the fight for car anarchy, combining speed, destruction and brand depth with new features, games and PSP connections. Players can look forward to eight game modes including crash, rage and chase, Wi-Fi multiplayer and a GameShare option that allows players to share the game’s promotion level wirelessly.

For many years, the Patapon tribe has lived on the brink of being expelled from their homes by the evil army of zygotons. Behind the beautiful appearance of Patapon lies the spirit of a fierce warrior who can only be controlled by beating the battle drums of God. They are waiting for the day when the Lord of Infinite Power will return, greet them again to their enemies and return them to their homeland. Finally, when the war drums were heard again, their herd ended. Rhythm and Clash of Movements – Six different drummers to control patapon soldiers, walk, attack, defend, attack, retreat and use magic. Uniqueness Combine different chains of reels to reach each level, leading the Patapons to defeat the enemy army in Zygoton. Strategy Game – Patapon provides a powerful part in strategy that requires players to line up and build Patapon armies, equip each soldier with special weapons and armor, and distribute them correctly in battle. Variety of missions – Take part in over 30 special missions including hunting, escort and battle battles and explore many colorful places along the way. Players will find and access to more than 100 items and weapons in caves. Unique art style – French graphic artist Rolito, known for his abstract art style, shows himself in collectives, animation and the web, gives the ability to create many unique characters and environments and awakens the Patapon world. Small Games – Five musical miniatures allow players to receive bonuses and updates to further customize Patapon fighters. Music – Exciting and dramatic original music players are made strong when they are fighting enemies at all levels.